Is Tel-Lynx for You?

Learn what Tel-Lynx (TLC, TLC Plus, Guardian, & Guardian Plus) can do for you. Click on the questions below.
Q:  Do unwanted calls constantly ring your telephones?

With Tel-Lynx, your telephones will only ring for calls you want. Tel-Lynx's patented personal assistant answers and intelligently screens calls, and then when you pick up, tells you who's calling. You can then connect to the caller or send the call to voice mail. And Tel-Lynx has separate voice mailboxes for everyone in your family.

Tel-Lynx lets the people you know get right through without hassle, while all unwanted robocalls, including political calls, are blocked.

If someone not in Tel-Lynx's phone book* calls you, Tel-Lynx answers the call before your telephones ring and qualifies them with a one-time, patented process. To get through, a caller has to record their name and select the type of phone they are calling from (Home, Work, Mobile, Business, etc.). When a new caller gets qualified, they are placed on a new call list, and only then will your telephones ring.

Qualified new callers will get right through whenever they call back in. You can add them to your phone book or remove them. Tel-Lynx has a blacklist feature, but it is so good at allowing only the calls you want through, you will probably never need it.

Unwanted robocallers can't get through Tel-Lynx's qualification process, and telemarketers won't leave their name, so those calls never ring your telephones. On the rare occasion a persistent telemarketer does get through and ring your phone, you'll know who it is and you won't have to talk with them.

With Tel-Lynx, you get only the calls you want, when and where you want them!

*With TLCTLC Plus, or the Guardian BT you can download or add contacts from your mobile phones to Tel-Lynx's phone book. You can also manage Tel-Lynx's phone book using a PC.

Q:  Would you like to protect a vulnerable family member from scam telephone calls?

If you want to protect a vulnerable family member (perhaps an elderly parent) from telephone scams, you need the Tel-Lynx Guardian. It's the lowest-cost version of Tel-Lynx (without Bluetooth®, and with only one telephone line) that works with any home phone service. The Guardian requires no internet connection and has no monthly fees.

The Guardian can be setup to be managed by a responsible family member, who will populate their loved one's Tel-Lynx phone book with the contacts they want to allow to get through. All other callers must go through a patented qualification process, and even if qualified, can only leave a voice mail.

Q:  Want to dump your landline and go mobile-only?

The Tel-Lynx Connexion (TLC) is a perfect solution for dropping landline service and using only mobile phones in your home. With TLC, you can connect up to two mobile phones (through Bluetooth) to your home telephones, PCs, laptops, and tablets, so you can make and take calls from all over your home without having to carry around your mobile phone. And if you have an Android smart phone, you can get and compose your mobile phone text messages using any telephone, Windows PC, laptop, or tablet in your home.

TLC is the only system of its kind that allows two simultaneous mobile calls using two-line telephones (or two single-line telephones). And with TLC, you can still make and take calls directly on your mobile phones. TLC automatically knows when to route a call's audio to your telephones and when to route it to your mobile phone. TLC will never inappropriately "steal" the audio from your mobile phone when you arrive home and are on a mobile call. TLC waits until you hang up before routing mobile calls to your telephones.

Q:  Tired of answering calls for other family members?

Tel-Lynx figures out who a call is for, and then rings your telephones with a unique ring pattern for that person. Tel-Lynx supports up to nine unique ring patterns for up to seven people in your home. With Tel-Lynx, you can choose to answer only when you hear your ring pattern. Unanswered calls will go to the called person's voice mailbox.

Here's how it works. If a call comes in on one of your two mobile phones, Tel-Lynx will ring your telephones with the unique ring pattern for the owner of that mobile phone. If a call comes in on your home phone service, Tel-Lynx will ask the caller who they want to talk with and then ring your telephones with that person's unique ring pattern.

With TLC and TLC Plus, when you're not home, calls for you that come through your home phone service will forward* to your mobile phone. The same is true for the owner of the second mobile phone. You can select the people whose calls will forward to you; all others will go to voice mail when you're not home.

*Selective call forwarding to your mobile phone requires Skype or 3-way calling on your home phone service.

Q:  Would you like to make calls using names instead of phone numbers?

Tel-Lynx's patent-pending Dial-By-Name method is faster than voice dialing* and easier to use than your mobile phone's phone book. And it can be used with any telephone, even old fashioned rotary dial telephones. You can download Tel-Lynx's phone book from your mobile phones** or enter names and numbers using your telephones. Then you can quickly and easily dial the people you know without having to remember their phone number. Tel-Lynx's phone book can also be managed with your PC.

Here's how to call someone by name using Tel-Lynx. Simply take your telephone off-hook and at the dial tone, key in a few letters of their first name (using the letters on the telephone keypad), then press star, then key in a few letters of their last name, then press star again, then key in the letter for the type of phone you want to call (Home, Mobile, Work, Business, or Fax) or press star again and Tel-Lynx will ask you which phone you want to call. It's that easy. Tel-Lynx will look up their phone number in its phone book. If the name you keyed in matches more than one contact, Tel-Lynx prompts you to select the person you want to call. Then Tel-Lynx dials their number for you!

If you're using a rotary dial telephone, just flash the switch hook instead of pressing star. (Remember to dial 7 for 'Q' and 9 for 'Z', as these letters do not appear on rotary dial telephones.)

*TLC supports voice dialing on your mobile phones, but you will find that Tel-Lynx's Dial-By-Name is faster and easier to use, is more reliable, does not require your mobile to have a data plan, and can be used on all your phone services, not just your mobile phones.

**Downloading contacts from your mobile phones requires TLC  or TLC Plus  and mobile phones with Bluetooth® phone book access profile.

Q:  Is your mobile phone reception spotty at home?

TLC can solve the problem of spotty reception in your home. Find the place in your home where you get the best mobile phone reception, and place your mobile phones on their chargers there. Then place the TLC box nearby and within Bluetooth range, and you can take and place calls on your mobile phones from any telephone, PC, laptop, or tablet, anywhere in your home. As a side benefit, your mobile phone will have a full charge next time you leave home.

TLC supports two mobile phones, and is the only system of its kind that allows ongoing calls on both mobile phones simultaneously.

Q:  Want to have a quiet dinnertime for once?

Tel-Lynx's "Do-Not-Disturb" feature will take care of that for you!  Simply tell Tel-Lynx how long you don't want to be disturbed. You can also set up the regular times when you don't want your telephones to ring. If any voice mails come in while Do-Not-Disturb is in effect, your telephones will ring after the time is up to alert you. You can set Tel-Lynx to send some or all of your calls to voice mail for a specified period of time, or on a routine basis (like after bedtime).     

This works using:

Normal contacts, for calls during your awake hours,

Super contacts (your inner circle), for calls 24/7, and

Workday contacts, for calls during workday hours.

Don't worry: Tel-Lynx allows urgent calls from some or all of your contacts to get through all the time.

Q:  Would you like to receive and compose your mobile phone text messages using your telephones?

If you have TLC, TLC Plus, o rthe Guardian BT and an Android smart phone, you can listen to and respond to your mobile phone's text messages using any telephone in your home. And you can select which contacts are allowed to ring your telephones when a new text message comes in.

Q:  Yikes! You didn't hear the timer and burned your amazing granola recipe!! How can you avoid a repeat performance?

You'll never burn your cherished recipe again, because Tel-Lynx allows you to set timers that will ring your telephones. As long as you're within earshot of one of your telephones, you'll hear it when the time is up. If you're on the phone when the timer goes off, you'll hear a beep tone.

Tel-Lynx also has two alarm clocks that you can set to wake you up in the morning, or any time you need a reminder.

Q:  Would you like to be able to record a telephone conversation?

You can record telephone conversations, on any of your phone services, onto an attached PC. You can setup Tel-Lynx to automatically record all conversations, or you can start and stop recording manually. Make sure you've checked the local laws for all parties to the recording before doing so. Many states allow one party consent (yours), but some states require the consent of all parties to the recording.

Q:  How about going retro with your telephones?

Telephone collectors will be happy to know that Tel-Lynx is fully compatible with old time rotary dial telephones. On a rotary phone, you can use all advanced Tel-Lynx features, including Dial-By-Name, Tel-Lynx's personal assistant, phone book management, setting timers and alarms, listening to and composing text messages with TLC or TLC Plus, and navigating Tel-Lynx's menus.

You can even navigate automated systems that require you to enter pass codes and account numbers, just as you would with a touch tone telephone. While on a call, Tel-Lynx translates rotary dialed digits into touch tones, and allows you to simulate pressing the star and pound keys.

Using your rotary dial telephone with Tel-Lynx is a real trip into the past, but with all the conveniences of Tel-Lynx at your fingertips!