Tel-Lynx Update 4.7.16

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Download new Tel-Lynx firmware

First, check your current firmware version. At the dial tone, press # # # and then hold the 6 key down for two seconds. Your caller ID screen will show your FW version.

To download the latest update 1.4.18 (1.4 for BT), go to Click on the beta PC server software link.

All the Tel-Lynx news that’s fit to print

Here’s a list of features we’ve created or updated so far in 2016 (see detailed list in the release notes).

  • What if a contact’s phone number is being spoofed by a robocaller? You can now add a contact password requirement so the contact can get through (see April 7 User’s Guide, p.46).
  • Added caller announcement modes. You can now set Tel-Lynx to announce all callers, only new callers, only new callers you have never pressed 1 to speak with, or no callers. To set the mode, at the dial tone: press FLASH, 7, secret code, then 1 9 7.
  • You can add a qualified new caller to the phone book as Blocked. At the dial tone: press FLASH, then 3 1, then find the user you want to block, then press 8.
  • More voice mail options. See the Voice Mail section in the latest Start Up Guide for your particular unit. 
  • Google/Gmail .csv format is available (in addition to Outlook and Thunderbird) to import contacts using Tel-Lynx’s PC software.

December news recap

Go here if you missed our December newsletter. You can learn about:

  • Using your PC to import and export Tel-Lynx’s phone book
  • Our wall jack kit for use with traditional landlines
  • Phone company voice mail, FAX machine, and star code compatibility features
  • Using wildcards to black-list or white-list sets of phone numbers
  • Handling calls from Emergency Services

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