Tel-Lynx Update 3.17.14

Greetings, TLC followers!

We're working hard to get TLC into production. Plastic boxes will ship from China this week and should arrive May 1st at the manufacturing plant in Maryland. Once assembly is complete, we hope to have product on the shelf in June.

We told you last month that our new Android app allows you to receive and answer text messages on your home telephones. No need to constantly check your mobile for texts when you're home! Since then, we've completed a PC interface that lets you manage, send, and receive text messages on any PC, laptop, or tablet (Windows 7 and above) attached through your home network to TLC. So while you're on the computer, you can handle texts as easily as if they were e-mails. Yea!

We're evaluating shopping carts for our website and working on integrating a blog so that we can converse with you. Once we've posted descriptions of the three Tel-Lynx versions, we'll want you to tell us which version you're interested in. And when you own a Tel-Lynx product, we'll want to follow your experience and hear your comments and suggestions.

We're working with hardly a breather to bring out the best possible product for you. Thanks for your patience. We'll be in touch again soon!

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