Tel-Lynx Update 12.21.15

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To download the latest firmware update 1.3.8, go to

New Tel-Lynx feature: Use your PC to import and export Tel-Lynx's phone book!

You can now manage Tel-Lynx's phone book using your PC. No more having to enter contacts using your telephone's keypad! If you have just set up Tel-Lynx, go to your favorite contact list program (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.) and export your contact list in .csv format, then import it into Tel-Lynx’s phone book. From then on, you can export Tel-Lynx's phone book, edit the .csv file with a spreadsheet program like Excel or Open Office Calc, and then reimport the .csv to effect the changes. See the "Managing the Phone Book" section in the latest Tel-Lynx User's Guide that you can download from our website at

New Wall Jack Kit for traditional landlines

Do you have traditional landline service from your local telephone company, with multiple telephones connected to wall jacks throughout your house? If so, you can use Tel-Lynx with your telephones and our new Wall Jack Kit, bringing the second unused line in your wall jacks to life! You can purchase the Wall Jack Kit either bundled with TLC or the Guardian, or separately.

You must have only one phone service to use the Wall Jack Kit. You’ll see a photo of the kit on our Buy page and on Amazon—it comes with a telephone cord and five adapters, for use with Tel-Lynx and up to five telephones.

The latest Tel-Lynx tweaks

Phone Company Voice Mail Compatibility

In the past, Tel-Lynx answered all calls immediately. Tel-Lynx has been changed so that if no users have been added to Tel-Lynx, or if no users are assigned to use a given outside line, Tel-Lynx will not answer an incoming call until 1) you answer your telephone, 2)  Tel-Lynx sends the call to voice mail, or 3) Tel-Lynx qualifies an unknown caller.

This allows you to keep your phone company voice mail for all calls from known callers. You just need to set Tel-Lynx's ring delay to 15 rings so that your phone company's voice mail will intercept the call first.

If you want to continue having all voice mail go to Tel-Lynx, make sure you have added at least one user.

New FAX machine compatibility mode

We have added a FAX compatibility mode where Tel-Lynx will hang up 7 seconds after hearing a FAX CNG tone if the FAX tone is heard within 10 seconds of Tel-Lynx answering a call. This works with FAX machines that are compatible with answering machines (TAD / TAM). These FAX machines listen for the FAX CNG tone after an answering machine has (or you have) answered a call. To use this feature, you would connect both Tel-Lynx and your FAX machine directly to your phone service. Make sure your FAX machine is set up in TAD / TAM mode.

Contact Phone Numbers with Wildcards

You can now use the '*' symbol in any other than the first digit position in a contact’s phone number to indicate that Tel-Lynx will match any digit in that position. This is useful for whitelisting a block of telephone numbers. For example, if you specify 404-555-2***, Tel-Lynx will match any incoming phone number from 404-555-2000 to 404-555-2999.

Vertical Service Codes (Star Codes)

In Smart Dialing mode, Tel-Lynx now immediately dials all vertical service codes after they’re entered (except for *62, *66, *67, *70, *72, *82, and *92, which are normally followed by a phone number). The telephone remains connected directly to the phone service after Tel-Lynx dials the code.

Calls from Emergency Services

A new Emergency Contact type has been added. Calls from an emergency contact (such as an automated weather emergency call) will bypass the Personal Assistant and Do-Not-Disturb settings and ring through. Tel-Lynx will not send these calls to voice mail and will not answer until you pick up the telephone.

The Emergency Contact replaces the Super Contact set to call Anyone Only, which served the same function.

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