Tel-Lynx Update 10.20.15

Spread the word: TLC and the Guardian are for sale!

Much is happening with Tel-Lynx! Sales have begun on our website and on Amazon—please tell everyone you know!! The holidays are coming, so it’s an ideal time to gift a TLC or a Guardian—maybe even for yourself!

Thanks to those of you who have purchased a Tel-Lynx product. We hope you’re relishing both the Connection and the Protection! (In case you missed the e-mail, go to to download the latest firmware update 1.1.3.)

New and updated guides

We’ve just posted new guides here: There’s an updated User’s Guide, and there are two new Guardian guides—one to get you hooked up and blocking robocalls, etc., and the other for advanced features such as Dial-By-Name and Distinctive Ringing.

The Guardian—quick and easy!

The Guardian is proving to be popular due to its simple but powerful features. You remember—it blocks robocalls, political calls, and telemarketers on your home phone service (no mobiles), but you still get all the calls you want!

We've simplified the Guardian's Start Up procedure.  Now, when it comes in the mail or by UPS (oh happy day!), you just plug your telephone into it, power it up, record your greeting (Hello, you’ve reached Me or Us!), plug your home phone service into it, and you’re set!

You can choose to add contacts to the phone book after that, or just let people call in and get qualified the first time they call. If you want Distinctive Ringing, the Guardian Advanced Set Up Guide will show you how to set up users. And it will show you how to enable Smart Dialing so you can Dial-By-Name, Speed Dial, and more. With or without Advanced Set Up, you can use Do-Not-Disturb, timers, and alarms.

Tel-Lynx Tweaks

Now you can:

  • Select which outside lines you’ll screen. Maybe just your landline, or your landline and one of your mobile phones, but not the other. It’s up to you!
  • You could go to Google to download the TLC Android app, or just download it at, where you’ll also find preliminary PC software.
  • Wondering who you assigned to speed dial 3?  Just enter 3 (or whatever number you’ve forgotten), press and hold # for one second, hear its assigned name, and press # briefly to call.

What else is new?

  • Check out how Tel-Lynx products eclipse the performance of other available products:
  • Photos on the Buy page!
  • We are going to add more videos to the website—many apologies for how long that’s taking. We’ve kept the focus on getting products working as you’d like them to, and providing documentation.

Let us hear from you!

Questions? Suggestions? Problems? Love Tel-Lynx? We want to know! Thanks!




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