Tel-Lynx Manufacturing Update II 8.5.14

Manufacturing report

ACDi (our CM) has nearly completed the first production run of Tel-Lynx products (see the attached photos of our TLC PCBs running through ACDi's production line). All surface mount parts have been placed on the PCBs, and tomorrow the wave soldering will finish the job on the through-hole parts. Yea!

Chris will be on site for testing, labeling, and packaging at the plant next week. Yea again! Once the shiny new Tel-Lynx products arrive in Atlanta, there are still a few software issues to address before we can ship. And, finally, sales can begin!

"How long have I waited..."

I would love to hear about a time when you waited...and waited...and waited for something, and in the end found that it was SO worth the wait. With your permission, I will share your story with others on this e-mail list.

Thanks as always for your patience!

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