Tel-Lynx Connexion Progress Report 2.4.14

Welcome Tel-Lynx Connexion fans, friends, and newcomers, to TLC's first Mail Chimp newsletter!

When can I get TLC?
It looks like we'll have TLC ready to ship by May. We've had considerable delays due to plastics molding challenges, but we're nearly there. So hold on, it won't be long now!

Android texts can ring your home phone
If you have an Android Smart Phone, TLC now has working software that will ring your home telephones when a text message comes in. You'll be able to hear and reply to text messages without constantly running to your mobile phone! We'll post a demo video soon.

Of course, you can decide whose text messages (if any) will ring your phone, and your text messages will remain on your mobile phone for as long as you wish. Always, the calls you want, when and where you want them!

Skype works with TLC
Since our intel says that Skype will continue to work with TLC, we're continuing to use Skype as our home phone, and so can you. We'll let you know if this changes.


COMING SOON! More info on 3 versions of TLC:

TLC Home: Use with 1 and 2-line telephones
1 home phone service + Skype + 2 mobile phones

TLC Home Office: Use with 1 and 2-line telephones
 Up to 2 home phone services + 2 mobile phones

TLC Guardian: Use with 1-line telephones
1 home phone service


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Thanks for your patience. TLC IS worth the wait!!

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