Voice mailboxes for everyone in your family.

When someone calls one of your landlines, Tel-Lynx's personal assistant finds out who the call is for. If a call comes in on you mobile phone, Tel-Lynx knows who that call is for. If the person being called is not available to take the call, the caller can leave a voice mail in that person's private voice mailbox.

While you're away from home:

--You can call in remotely to retrieve your voice mail or manage Tel-Lynx's features. If you have the optional temperature sensor, you can call in to hear the inside and outside temperature at your house.

--You can also choose to have calls placed to your home phone service forwarded to your mobile*.

--Any voice message that comes in for you at home can be sent as an e-mail to your mobile phone**

*Your home phone service must have 3-way calling (Click here to see home phone service options).

**Tel-Lynx must be attached to an appropriately configured PC.

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