Text messages--send and receive them on your telephones--no need to run for your mobile phone!

Text messages on your telephones

TLC's Android app can alert you to new text messages by ringing your home telephones. You can decide whose text messages you'll allow to ring your telephones. When you pick up the telephone and listen to a message, the Android app will prompt you to speak a reply and then listen to it, make any desired changes, and send it.

To initiate a text message from your telephone, use Dial-By-Name to enter your phone book contact's first and last name, and then press the pound key (#). TLC will ask you which mobile phone you want to use, and you will then be prompted to speak your message. You can listen to, add to, and delete from the message before sending it.

How can I get the TLC app?

You get the TLC app on Google Play by searching for "Tel-Lynx" or go to


You can install it from there.

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