Set Do-Not-Disturb periods.

You can set up Tel-Lynx so that your phones only ring during the hours you're awake.

If you have a home business, you can set Tel-Lynx to send your work contacts to voice mail after working hours.

You can also choose to block certain numbers.

You can set a temporary Do-Not-Disturb period.  Wouldn't you enjoy a call-free dinnertime, or a block of time to stay focused at work?

If someone leaves a voice mail during the Do-Not-Disturb period you set, Tel-Lynx will ring your telephones after the Do-Not-Disturb period is over to let you know that there's a new voice mail.

And if you forgot to set Do-Not-Disturb, you can pick up the telephone when it rings and then hang it up and the call will go to voice mail. If you have TLC, TLC Plus, or the Guardian BT, if the person being called is away and has enabled automatic call forwarding, the call will be forwarded to their mobile phone.

Don't worry: Urgent calls from your inner circle will get through all the time.

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