Know when a call is for you with Tel-Lynx's personal telephone assistant!

You can select which outside lines Tel-Lynx's personal telephone assistant will screen. For example, you could have Tel-Lynx screen calls on your landline, but not your mobile phones, or on your landline and one of your mobile phones, but not the other.

With Tel-Lynx's personal telephone assistant, your telephones only ring after Tel-Lynx has screened a call and determined who the call is for, who it's from, that you are willing to take the call (Do-Not-Disturb is not set), and that it's not an unwanted robocall.

When a call is allowed through, your phone will ring with a ring pattern that's unique to the person being called. There are nine ring patterns to choose from, like "short" or "short, short" or "short, long". Each Tel-Lynx user can have a distinctive ring and you'll never have to guess who a call is for again.

And because your personal telephone assistant uses your private phone book that can be downloaded from your mobile phone, the people you know will get right through without hassle. Everyone else (new callers) must go through a patented, quick, one-time qualification process that blocks all robocalls, including political calls. Once qualified, new callers are added to a new call list, and get right through then and when ever they call back in. 

For qualified new callers, when you pick up the telephone, Tel-Lynx tells you who's calling and who the call is for and gives you options--you can connect to the caller or send the call to voice mail. You don't have to wait for Tel-Lynx to finish (or even start) speaking to make your selection. You'll quickly learn what your options are, and usually, by looking at the caller ID, you will know if you want take the call or send it to voice mail.

If you send the call to voice mail, you can listen in and then decide to take the call, or hang up while the caller completes the voice mail. While you listen in, you can hear the caller, but the caller cannot hear you.

You can also have Tel-Lynx tell the caller to remove your phone number from their calling list and then hang up, or have Tel-Lynx ask the caller what their call is about, and you can listen to the caller's answer. Then you can decide to connect or send the call to voice mail. You can also decide to block the caller's phone number. It's all up to you.

By default, calls from people in Tel-Lynx's phone book are not announced, since you'll know who's calling by looking at your telephone's caller ID display. However, you can enable announcement of calls from people in the phone book if you wish. Even if you haven't enabled the announcement of callers in the phone book, you can press the flash button on your telephone immediately after answering a call and the call will be announced.

Tel-Lynx uses voice prompts to guide you through its menus to access and set up its features. Click here for a Reference Guide that will help you quickly find your way through Tel-Lynx's menus.


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