Stop all unwanted robocalls, including political calls, and virtually all telemarketing calls!

Tel-Lynx is the first product to include an intelligent, interactive personal telephone assistant that blocks 100% of unwanted robocalls, including political calls, and nearly all telemarketing calls on all your phone services (mobile, VoIP, land, cable, wireless) at home. Our unique, patented call screening process does not require you to enter or maintain any blacklists or whitelists. You just hook it up and let it do its thing.

Tel-Lynx does not burden or interrogate the people you know or want to know every time they call in. Tel-Lynx qualifies new callers the first time they call in only. Once qualified they get right through then and whenever they call back in.

"Since Tel-Lynx started blocking robocalls in 2010, it has blocked every unwanted robocall, even all the political calls during the 2012 and 2016 presidential elections! It does this without hassling the people you know or the people you want to know. And it does this without monthly service fees and without an internet connection. With Tel-Lynx, your telephone will not ring even one time when a robocaller attempts to call you."


Legal vs. illegal robocalls

Tel-Lynx is designed to block all unwanted robocalls, both legal and illegal. Political robocalls are both legal AND exempt from complying with the federal Do-Not-Call list, as are charities. In all the years Tel-Lynx has been in use, it has blocked EVERY unwanted robocall, legal and illegal, even during the 2012 presidential election.

There are some automated calls you may want to receive. You can program your doctor's office, pharmacy, emergency weather alert number and school phone numbers into Tel-Lynx's phone book so you will receive reminders of appointments, waiting prescriptions, weather alerts, and messages about school closings and delayed openings.

Unlike community-based robocall blocking systems where you have little to no control over who gets through, Tel-Lynx provides you complete control. And Tel-Lynx's personal telephone assistant feature automatically qualifies unknown (new) callers, so you'll always get the calls you want.

Why blacklists don't really work

Blacklists can cut down on some robocalls and telemarketers. However, once a phone number is placed on the blacklist, chances are that the next time you get a robocall or telemarketing call, it will be from a different phone number and will not get blocked.

In addition, robocallers can spoof their caller ID, rendering blacklist systems totally useless. In fact, if a robocaller spoofs their caller ID with your phone number, community-based robocall blocking systems could place your number on their blacklist! Simply put, community-based blacklist systems can cause more problems than they solve.

Tel-Lynx qualifies phone calls using your private phone book, which is limited to your friends, family, and the people you know. Because robocallers have no idea which phone numbers are in your private phone book, and they have billions of phone numbers to choose from, it's extremely unlikely that you'd receive a spoofed robocall.

How about whitelists?

Whitelists take a different approach. You create a list of the people you want to get through, and every other caller gets blocked. Even new callers you want to get through get blocked.

Tel-Lynx solves this problem by using a patented, adaptive whitelist system that qualifies new callers you want to get through, while blocking all unwanted robocalls and strongly discouraging telemarketers. Since Tel-Lynx has been in operation, it has blocked all unwanted robocalls and nearly 100% of all telemarketing calls. With Tel-Lynx, you simply don't get annoyed by calls you don't want.

FTC-promoted robocall blocking systems

The FTC is encouraging the private sector to implement systems that block illegal robocalls. The systems they're promoting, such as NoMoRobo, use a community database to block illegal robocalls. With systems like NoMoRobo, the following problems remain: 1) Not all illegal robocalls are blocked; 2) Legal (political and other) robocalls are allowed through; 3) Illegal robocalling machines can spoof their caller ID with legal phone numbers; 4) NoMoRobo requires simultaneous ring, which many phone services don't provide; and 5) Your phones still ring once whenever an unwanted robocall comes in.

With Tel-Lynx, your phone will not ring even once for any unwanted legal or illegal robocalls made to any of your phone services. And Tel-Lynx works with all phone services.

Live sales calls (telemarketing calls)

Tel-Lynx blocks telemarketing calls as well. Especially important, it can STOP scammers who try to bilk you and your loved ones out of your hard-earned money!!

In Personal Assistant Mode 2, Tel-Lynx stops telemarketers cold. If a caller is not in Tel-Lynx's phone book, in addition to having to record their name, they can at most leave a message. Your telephones never ring.

In Personal Assistant Mode 1, they can get through if they say their name and select the type of phone they're calling from. However, in our experience with Tel-Lynx, nearly 100% of "cold" callers (telemarketers) hang up and move on rather than leave their name and phone type, since their goal is to bypass unproductive calls quickly. Tel-Lynx is their worst enemy -- it's automated AND it requires them to say their name and select what kind of phone they're calling from (home, work, mobile, business).

What about salespeople who return your call? In our experience, because they know you're interested, they'll identify themselves, and they'll get through. And you'll know who they are when you pick up the phone.

Tel-Lynx vs. phone company call block services

With phone company call blocking services, first you get annoyed by a caller, and then you have to add them to a blocked call list. These services may cost extra and may have limitations on which phone numbers or how many numbers can be blocked.

Tel-Lynx is not a service and has no monthly fees. It uses patented technology  to screen calls and automatically block unwanted robocalls and sales calls on all your phone services, and does not interfere with the calls you want.

With Tel-Lynx you are in complete control of who gets through-NO MORE ROBOCALLS!

Tel-Lynx screens calls, easily allows those you know through, and blocks all the calls you don't want--for HOME and HOME BUSINESS!

Just the calls you want, WHEN you want them, and WHERE you want them.

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