Dial-By-Name. It's quick and easy!

Never have to remember someone's phone number ever again. You can call people in Tel-Lynx's phone book by entering their name and phone type from any telephone, even rotary dial telephones. It's the fastest, easiest, and most natural way to call someone you know. Tel-Lynx uses a patented method to look up the phone number of the name and number type you entered and then dials it for you. And Tel-Lynx's phone book can be downloaded from your mobile phones.

Here's how to Dial-By-Name: At the dial tone, using the letters on your telephone's keypad:

1. Key in a few letters of the first name, followed by the star key;

2. Now key in a few letters of the last name, then star;

3. Now key in the letter for the type of phone you're calling (Home, Mobile, Work, Business, or Fax). Or press the star key and Tel-Lynx will prompt you to select one of that contact's phone numbers.

It's that easy! If you're using a rotary dial phone, flash the switch hook in place of using the star key.

On the rare occasions that more than one contact matches the name you entered, Tel-Lynx will prompt you to select the one you want to call.

If you own TLC or TLC Plus, you can download the phone book from your mobile phones, so you don't have to manually enter a lot of names and numbers to get started.

In addition, you can assign up to nine frequently called numbers to speed dials.

To call a speed dial number, at the dial tone, press the speed dial number, then press #. On a rotary dial telephone, dial the speed dial number and then flash the switch hook twice quickly.

Bonus: If you prefer, you can dial using the last 4 digits of a contact's phone number followed by the pound or hash key (#).

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