Compare Features of the Different Tel-Lynx Products

Compare Tel-Lynx Connexion (TLC) & Guardian Features:

Blocks all unwanted robo/political calls Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Allows desired automated calls1 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Eliminates telemarketing calls2 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Connects to mobile phones3 No 2 No 2 2
Imports contacts from mobile phones4 No Yes No Yes Yes
Connects to home phone services 1 2 1 2
Connects to telephones Single-Line Single-line & Two-line
Maximum independent calls 1 1 2 2 2
Access to mobile text messages5 No Yes No Yes Yes
Connects to PCs, laptops, and tablets6 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dial-By-Name from any telephone Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Monthly fee No No No No No

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1. You can program specific telephone numbers into Tel-Lynx so that automated doctor appointment reminders, severe weather alerts, school closings, etc. will ring through.

2. In all of our testing, nearly 100% of all telemarketers hung up--they were unwilling to say their name so they could get qualified by Tel-Lynx's patented one time caller qualification process. To protect vulnerable loved ones, you can set up Tel-Lynx in an anti-scam mode so that telemarketers cannot get through even if they say their name.

3. Requires a mobile phone with Bluetooth® handsfree/headset profile (HFP).

4. Requires a mobile phone with Bluetooth® phone book access profile (PBAP).

5. Requires an Android mobile phone

6. Windows (Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10) only

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